“Amare” means “to love” in Italian and the firm is born from the love and passion of its founder for art, traveling, history and, of course, design. Our interiors reflect international knowledge, European spirit, and Mediterranean roots, and they always achieve beauty, functionality, and uniqueness.


AMARE HOUSE & DESIGN specializes in luxury and custom interiors, and offers a large array of services, spanning from in-house consultations, custom furniture and décor, to home layout and floor planning and complete bathroom and kitchen design for remodeling or new construction.


Chiara was born in Verona, Italy, and finished her studies on art history and conservation, majoring in the Old Continent. Afterward, she moved to the United States and studied interior design in Miami, Florida, and Dallas, Texas. Ultimately, that is where Chiara obtained her Interior Design degree, thus opening her own company. Chiara is gifted with a vision for harmonious and beautiful design, as well as the capability to blend and work with any design and style. With her superb creativity and limitless imagination, she brings you the perfect solution you are looking for in your home.

“I am my business and my business is me! I am extremely passionate about what I do and I love finding solutions for my clients which ultimately will make a difference in their home and in their life. I studied art history and interior design in Italy and the United States.  My specialty is a blend of coastal, transitional, new rustic, Mediterranean, Italian, and Spanish designs. I always keep in touch with new design trends, furniture brands, and technology. No work is too small or too big to bring exceptional and unique designs to the table.” Chiara Ricci, Founder